It’s Raining Men!

Because Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello were in the movie Kiefer had a guys’ poker night, Blarney, Princess, and I went to see Magic Mike.

Having never been to a strip club, I decided to live vicariously through the movie.

Star-spangled tophats are not standard issue.

  • Stripping isn’t just taking your clothes off. There’s choreography, too.
  • What is that in the corner of the screen? Why, yes, it is a penis pump. With a penis in it.
  • Strippers might need a thong with an elephant trunk.
  • Sometimes guys pretend their penis is a machine gun.
  • Drugs are expensive.
  • To make women scream, throw a prop between your legs.

The most important lesson I learned is never go to a strip club in real life because Channing Tatum won’t be there…and that will be sad.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Adorable—she looks like a bed troll!”—Cestlavie22

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25 responses to “It’s Raining Men!

  • She's a Maineiac

    Wow, a penis as a machine gun?? Can’t say as I’ve ever witnessed that trick. Will have to see this movie now.

  • Heather @ SugarDish(Me)

    We took the little guy to see Brave last week and there were zillions of women in the parking lot of the only theater in our town. We had no idea what was up. We stood in line behind even more women to purchase our tickets, which was when I figured out why they were all there. We tried to enter the theater, only to realize that the line went from where the movie guy takes your ticket, all the way out the front door and then some. They told us to skip to the front of the line and my kid was so confused about the entire female population of our county trying to use their X-ray vision on my boyfriend while we walked. It was bananas.

  • Hippie Cahier

    I believe we discussed my thoughts on this movie over Cap’n Crunch french toast. Good day to you. 🙂

  • erica

    I will never go to a strip club, either. It sounds absolutely terrifying. I plan on going to this movie, but honestly, I still have yet to see the last scene in Boogie Nights because I always close my eyes.

  • Go Jules Go

    I heard this is based on Channing Tatum’s real life. I can’t decide if that intrigues or disturbs me. I have problems with him.

    Maybe because he doesn’t sing and look good in bow ties?

  • NanaBread (Jeanne)

    What I learned from Magic Mike:
    1. tiny pocket pigs aren’t as cute when they eat vomit
    2. “Alright, alright, alright” is considered acting?
    3. this movie got better after several margaritas
    4. you don’t want to know what I’d do for $20s, either

  • bluzdude

    Just imagine how “Uncle Sam” there points when he says “I Want You.”

  • marinasleeps

    This is the best endorsement ever for this movie!!

  • Bonnie

    I’ve decided I’m waiting on it to come out in 3D.

  • Deborah the Closet Monster

    This is another one of those cases where I’m content simply to take your word for it. 🙂

  • Amy

    I’d rather see The Avengers again (for the fourth time) than see this movie. I’ve been to a strip club (against my will and better judgement) and they are . . . disturbing. I just don’t find anything sexy about guys gyrating their junk all up in my biz-nass.

    And, hi! Remember me! I’ve finally chiseled myself out from the rock I was burried under and am free to roam the interwebs again. I’ve missed it!

  • Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd

    I love the director, Steven Soderbergh, but knowing that most of the people going to see this movie are not Steven Soderbergh fans, I’ve decided to wait until I can see it from the safety of home. Plus, when I scream “yeah! woo! what an edit, shake it Soderbergh!” I won’t be shushed.

  • Choc Chip Uru

    OMG I am dying to Magic Mike!!! I ❤ Channing Tatum for life!!!
    And obviously he teaches life lessons too *sigh*


  • Lucy

    I seem to ask the wrong people to go toMagic Mike, so I am not sure if I will be seeing this movie. Strip Club? Gosh, I just can’t remember, you know it would have been so long ago and sometimes you just forget things,yeah, I am going with forgetting!

  • Angela Noelle

    The movie was entertaining in parts, but I was expecting more stripper glitter and less… Ecstasy fueled depression.

  • My Inner Chick

    OMggggggg, A penis machine gun? What the hell are they shooting? Aren’t they wearing condoms? Haa

  • Vesta Vayne

    I’m interested to see it for the fact that, to me anyway, it seems like a weird thing for Soderbergh to direct. But I think I’m gonna wait for the rental.

  • Andrew

    Machine gun penis. Gets them every time.

  • monicastangledweb

    Thanks for the heads up, if you will, and for describing the highlights. This is as close I’m getting to seeing this film, but I did hear it’s good.

  • Pearl

    I’ve only been to a handful — ahem — of strip bars and I would like to add “the multitude of male strippers are strung out on meth” to your list…


  • Kitten Thunder's Girl

    I have seriously overestimated American women. The first time I saw the trailer for this I turned to The Boy and said “who do they think their audience is? Men won’t go see this and women won’t want to see it either.” Now I am the only woman in America who hasn’t seen this movie.

    Clearly I need to investigate Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello.

  • lindamedrano

    My daughter saw this and liked it. I’ll wait for “on demand” and make my husband watch it too. Sounds like it’s fun but dumb! (Just how I’ve always liked my men.)

  • dockfam

    “What is that in the corner of the screen? Why, yes, it is a penis pump. With a penis in it.” undeniably the most shocking part of the movie. I was squinting at the screen like….”is that…uh…a…uh…oh my!”

  • The Incredible Bi*ch

    It was stupid… and Hot… and awkward… Is that possible?

  • Pammy Girl

    Because I was with family last weekend, I saw the new Woody Allen movie rather than Magic Mike. If I wasn’t sick this weekend, I would’ve gone to the movie by myself. I know that’s sad but I have been to a real strip club and I think the movie would be less icky. Plus Channing is pretty. I like pretty things.

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