Too Much Information

I had to wait until Tampa for part of my birthday present from Kiefer. It was surprise. I love-hate surprises.

Thoughtsy: Soooooo…what’s the other part of my birthday present?

Kiefer: I’m not telling you.

Thoughtsy: Can you give me a hint?

Kiefer: No.

Thoughtsy: What color is it? What letter does it start with? Am I wearing appropriate shoes? What shape is it? Does it involve animals? Oh my gosh, is it a PUPPY?

Kiefer: Fine. Do you really want me to tell you?

Thoughtsy: NOOOOOOOO! Don’t tell me!

 My surprise was a birthday massage. Perfect! A nice and relaxing massage to combat my stress over the nasty weather.

Except my masseuse talked the entire time.

Typical. People like to talk to me…all the time.

During my last salon visit, the lady waxing my underarms informed me that in addition to her underarms, she also waxes her own bum. Uhhh…Thanks for sharing?

But not even that TMI prepared me for the what the masseuse had to say.

To be continued….

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “I think it’s crazy John Lithgow doesn’t appear to age. He’s looked the same to me for 20 years now. But back to the camping business…not my cup of tea. Who wants to rough it? Crazy people?”—Leashieloo

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