I’ll Be Standing on the Corner

Right before I moved in with Kiefer a couple weeks ago, we had this conversation:

Thoughtsy: So I feel like I should pay you something once I move in with you.

Kiefer: (::jokingly::) You should pay $1,000!

Thoughtsy: What? No! That’s more than I pay now. Plus I’ll spend more on food living here because your kids will eat all my food.

Kiefer: They definitely won’t eat your food. All you eat is broccoli, salads, and fruit.

Thoughtsy: Not that stuff. I mean the Pop-Tarts and ice cream. And the sugary cereal. Radley and I already have a breakfast date with the Double Chocolate Krave cereal.

Kiefer: You do have better cereal.

Thoughtsy: Plus you three are messy. So I’ll constantly be cleaning.

Kiefer: How about you stay here for free if you give me all the sex I want?

Thoughtsy: Um…no.

Kiefer: So $1,000 minus a $600 cleaning fee and a $300 food fee. And then $100 sex fee.

Thoughtsy: You just turned me into a prostitute. And a cheap one. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

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