Dear Tropical Storm Debby, Go Away.

Dear Tropical Storm Debby and Mother Nature,

I’m not sure if you were aware or not, but this past weekend was my birthday weekend. I planned to spend a long weekend in Tampa filled with seeing my godson, friends, and sunny beaches.

Sunny beaches. Instead of sun, you gave me buckets and buckets of rain. And, of course, all the rain caused flooding, so we couldn’t even get close to a beach.

Then, just for good measure, you threw in a few tornadoes. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

In turn, all of that nasty weather ruined a baseball tournament. You know where all those kids ended up? Kiefer and I’s hotel. Nice….

Lucky for you, Kiefer is pretty awesome, so we still had a nice time. But was it really necessary to linger for days? You couldn’t even have given me one day with some sun and beach weather?

Mother Nature, you’re a beach. I hate you.


Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Dear Thoughtsy, Better keep your hands off my potential new boyfriend. Sincerely, Skipping.”—Skipping Stones

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