Keep Your Hands Off My Truffles

A few months ago…

Thoughtsy: My roommates are so messy.  Those pots and pans have been in the sink for almost 3 weeks. They stink!

Kiefer: I want us to live together.

Thoughtsy: Um…lemme think…no. Your current house is bathroom-challenged (1 bathroom). I’ll move in with you when we find a new house.

Repeat the above conversation several times.


Kiefer: I want you to move in.

Thoughtsy: That’s why we’re looking at houses.

Kiefer: But I want you to move in here…now.

Thoughtsy: That’s what you said last time. Then you said the house was too small. Last time I checked, your house was still the same size.

Kiefer:  We’ll make it work. It’ll be fine. I want you to move in. I want to go to bed every night with you and wake up every morning with you.

Thoughtsy: If I move in here, you might never ask me to marry you, and then I’m gonna leave you. Why do you want to insert me into Boo and Radley’s lives when there’s a possibility I may not stick around? And…I…I…I don’t know.

Kiefer: You don’t want to get hurt again.

Thoughtsy: Yeah…that, too.

Even more recently…

Thoughtsy: OH HELL NO! My roommates ate all of my Oreo truffles!

Kiefer: Will you please move in now? I love you. And I promise not to eat your dessert.

Thoughtsy: Done!

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “I wonder if cats have nightmares about vacuum cleaners… Or if the tell vacuum cleaner stories when they’re hanging out together in some alley….”—Bluzdude

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