Is That Potpourri in Your Pocket?

…or are you just happy to see me?

Yes, I just went there. Somebody had to say it.

Summer. It’s the season when the temperature rises, and we suck on popsicles, strip down to our swimsuits, and jump in the nearest pool to cool off.

It’s also the season when I lose 5 pounds just by sweating oozing glistening.

To combat sweatiness and stinkiness, I wear deodorant/anti-perspirant. And I get my underarms waxed. It hasn’t been proven yet, but I swear waxing works…probably by ripping out the underarm* sweat glands.

Anyways, I’ve always wondered what crunchy, all-natural, nondeodrant-wearing hippies do to keep from smelling. Now I know the answer.


While I was shopping, I found a shirt with a little pack of potpourri attached. My guess is you put in your pocket so it overpowers any body odor.

Mystery solved. Crunchy case closed.

*To Kiefer: Women call them “underarms,” not “armpits.”

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Of course Babe Ruth isn’t a girl. It’s a candy bar. I expected more from you, Thoughtsy.”—Go Guilty Pleasures

Sorry for slacking earlier this week on picking favorite comments. Tori and Linda, I added your comments to the last 2 posts. 


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