Will It Hurt?

Last week I went to the dermatologist for two beauty spots on my back. And by “beauty spots,” I mean “moles,” but “beauty spots”makes me feel like Cindy Crawford, so just go with it.

Doctor: This one is probably ok, but the other one is questionable. Better safe than sorry, so I’ll just remove both of them. Sit here.

Thoughtsy: Wait…right now? You’re going to take them off right now?

Doctor: Yes.

Thoughtsy: Will it hurt?

Doctors never tell you it will hurt. They’ll tell you it’ll sting or it’ll pinch. Synonyms for hurt. Boom! English-majored!

Doctor: I’ll numb it, so you won’t feel anything. Just two pricks.

Thoughtsy: (::under breath::) I’ll show you a prick.

A few mostly pain-free minutes later, I was “beauty spotless.”

The next day I asked Kiefer to take off the band-aids because I didn’t want to see the possibly huge gaping holes aftermath. 

Kiefer: I’m going to take off the band-aids now.

Thoughtsy: Right now?

Kiefer: Yes.

Thoughtsy: Will it hurt?

I ask those two questions at least once a day.

Thoughtsy: Just so you know, I prefer the slow peeling of band-aids. Don’t rip it off.

Kiefer: (::RIP!::)

Thoughtsy: SON OF A…! I hate you.

Favorite Comment From Last Post: “Tried the bra bit. Mostly it just made me feel like I need new deodorant and maybe a boob job.”—Tori Nelson

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