Sometimes Mermaids Have Pumpkin Heads

When I was younger, I loved the movie Mermaids. I think I loved it because…

  • Who doesn’t like mermaids?
  • The 3 main female characters were brunettes. I’m a brunette. Finally! Sorry, blondies.
  • Cher is in the movie and on the soundtrack.
  • That caretaker guy was cute.

After rewatching the movie as an adult, here’s what I learned:

  • You are allowed to be mad when your boss takes his wife on a trip instead of you, his mistress.
  • Death is dwelling in the past or staying in one place too long.
  • Cher thinks Bob Hoskins is sexy.
  • Never have sex on sacred ground. Having sex in the bell tower is not a loophole and still counts as “sacred ground.”
  • Putting a pumpkin on your child’s head is funny…especially when she falls over.

    The Original Pumpkinhead

Most importantly, kissing a guy will not get you pregnant. Phew….

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