I Spy With My Little Eye

…a Thundercats car! Thundercats, hoooooooooo! I sent the picture to Misty if you want to see it. There’s also a zombie hearse and a SheGoat car. Seriously.

You may or may not have noticed new stuff on the blog this week.

Don’t feel bad if you didn’t notice. I’m the least observant person ever.

This happens all the time:

Thoughtsy: Oh my gosh…how long has that massive building been there?

Answer: Like 3 years.

However, this also happens:

Thoughtsy: Oh my gosh, a new ice cream shop! How long has that been there?

Answer: They just started construction this morning.

What can I say? I have selective vision. And priorities.

So…back to the changes.

First, I’m on Twitter now. You can follow me by clicking the button near the top of the right column.

Second, you leave the best comments, and I want to give you props.

I’ll post a favorite comment from the previous day’s post at the bottom of the next post…when I remember. I went back and added some to the posts this week. Thanks, Oh Noa, for the idea!

Favorite Comment from Previous Post: “Love, love, love this movie. Especially that one part and the other part and pretty much all the parts.”—Clay Baboons

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