Jerry the Vampire

I’ve been so focused on preparing for the zombie apocalypse, I’ll be in big trouble if other creatures (like vampires) attack.

As much as I’d like to turn into a beautiful vampire, the sight of blood really freaks me out.

So I watched Fright Night to prepare for a vampire attack. Here’s what I learned from the movie:

  • Guns don’t work unless you have all the pieces.
  • Boys will wrap Stretch Armstrong around their balls. Ewwww….
  • “Jerry” is a vampire name.

    You think just because my name is Jerry I can't drain you dry?

  • Almost everyone in Las Vegas is a vampire because they sleep during the day and come out at night.

The most shocking thing I learned from Fright Night is…

Brace yourself.

Twilight is not real.

I know. It surprised me, too.


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