Beignets Are Funnel Cakes in Disguise

I went to New Orleans for the beads food.

Initially, I was worried. My picky and sensitive palate might not be able to handle all that Cajunness. I mean, I only recently worked my way up to the Medium salsa.

What if everything was too spicy? What if I had to resort to eating only desserts the entire trip? That would be awful! Waaaaaait…who am I kidding? That would be awesome!

Blarney and I walked to the nearest Sucré in the Garden District.

Confetti "Crack" Cupcake and Coconut "Crack" Chocolate Gelato

It’s not a coincidence that these flavors begin with “C” like “crack.”

Don't be fooled. Green slime on key lime pie is delicious.

Next up…Cafe Du Monde‘s beignets.

Blarney and I were disappointed. They were tasty, but we learned something very important. Just because something is called a doughnut doesn’t mean jelly or custard or something equally tasty is in the middle.

 Beignets = Funnel Cake

I also ate Pralines, Chocolate-Covered Marshmallow Sticks, Baked Alaska, and Triple Chocolate Cake. I’m sorry I don’t have photographic proof, but here’s why:

Thoughtsy: I’ll take one Baked Alaska. Extra chocolate sauce, please.

Guy: Here you go, Baby Doll. (Yes, they actually called me that. And I liked it.)

Thoughtsy: (::taking a bite::) Mmmmmm…. Oh. I should take a picture. (::shrugs and continues eating::) 


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