Are Those Gummy Bears Drunk?

Awhile back fellow blogger LeashieLoo said to put gummy bears in alcohol because it makes them swell up. Plus, you know, alcoholic candy is always nice.

Because I’ve recently become obsessed with the Pinnacle vodka flavors, I decided to try it.

Step 1. Gather the gummy bears, gummy-flavored vodka, and a glass. I used a wine glass cause I was out of plastic red cups I’m classy like that.

Step 2. Taste a gummy bear for quality control purposes.

Step 3. Sip the vodka to wash down the gummy bear.

Step 4. Place gummy bears and vodka in a glass. Cover and refrigerate for a couple days.

Step 5. Eat the alcohol-infused gummy bear.

Step 6. Scream “Oh dear god, it burns!”

Step 7. Repeat.

Step 8. Repeat again.

Step 9. Repeat until you start to feel bad about eating the gummy bears because gummy bears have feelings, too.


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