Stitch: A Model for Anger Management

It’s March Movie Madness over at Educlaytion, and I need your vote by noon today. And by “I,” I mean Stitch needs your vote.

Stitch…as in Lilo and Stitch…as in the cutest ball of blue fur ever.

He's also a nuturer.

You should go to Clay’s site and vote for Stitch because I told you so I’ll give you a Pop-Tart.

But just in case you need another reason to choose Stitch, I present to why Stitch is awesome:

  • He does a good Elvis impression.
  • He’ll steal the left shoe of your worst enemy.
  • He wears a blue polka dot bra on his head and a red cape.
  • He’s a poster child for reform. He lowered his badness level.

If you don’t vote for him, he’ll be forced to return to his home planet, and Lilo will cry. And it’ll be all your fault.

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