Daddy Mac Will Make Ya…

When I write a Movies Teach Us post, I usually don’t tell you what I thought of the movie. 

But today I will tell you: Friends With Benefits was hilarious. Watch it. Right now. Take a sick day. I’ll write a note excusing you from work.

Here’s what I learned from the movie:

  • George Clooney is universally known as someone who has emotionally shut down.
  • Liking Harry Potter does not make you gay.
  • Don’t pick the person you want to spend Friday night with but the person you want to be with Saturday morning.

    Never fall asleep....

  • “Strictily dickily” may be the funniest phrase ever…especially coming from Woody Harrelson.

But there were a couple things that I think the movie got wrong. For example…

  • Missing John Mayer’s performance of “Your Body Is a Wonderland” is equivalent to someone crapping on your face. (::shudder::)
  • Friends with benefits don’t need to shut the bathroom door to pee.

Most importantly, I learned that Justin Timberlake and I both know the words to Kriss Kross’s “Jump.”

And everything is to the back with a little slack. ‘Cause inside-out is wiggity, wiggity, wiggity wack!


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