Write a Letter of Appreciation Week

Dear Medics,

In the past, I’ve posted about the Soldiers who lost their lives in Iraq and Afghanistan, but today I’d like to thank you, the medics.

Awhile back I attended a Special Operations medical conference in Tampa. (See? I told you I was in the Special Ops with Pauly Shore.)

Several of the speakers at the conference were medics in Iraq or Afghanistan.

And those medics are stronger than I am. Why?

Not just because I tend to scream things like Ewwww! Blood! But because of triage.

Seeing there is nothing you can do to save a patient, having the patient beg you not to leave, and then moving on to the next person in hopes that you can save him. And doing that over and over again.

Why else?

  • Because you treated wounded children.
  • Because you couldn’t do anything for some of those children.
  • Because you held fellow Soldiers as they passed away.
  • Because although you did everything that you could, lives were still lost.
  • Because you do that day after day…again and again.

It’s not just military medics that do that, people in the civilian world (like fellow blogger Esme) do their best to save lives every day.

Thank you for not only saving lives, but also for trying.


Today is the last day of Write a Letter of Appreciation Week. Maybe write a thank you note to a medic, doctor, nurse, or anyone else that you think deserves it today.

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