Does This Look Infected to You?

Dear Esme the Cat,

W. T. F.  How many times do I have to tell you? No playing with Mommy while she is in downward dog position.

Does this look infected?

Mommy needs that 25 minutes of yoga/pilates in the morning to…

  • Wake up.
  • Stretch.
  • Not feel guilty about that Pop-Tart she’s about to eat for breakfast.

The appearance of the yoga mat and TV Bob Harper does not mean it’s time to…

  • Swat at Mommy’s toes.
  • Use Mommy’s legs as a scratching or stretching post.
  • Wrap your paws around Mommy’s arms.
  • Dig your claws into any exposed skin.

I feed you. I give you a roof over your head. I scratch behind your ears. What did I do to deserve those scratches? (Not counting the other day when I accidently shut your tail in the sliding door.)

What were you thinking? Obviously, you weren’t thinking.

Enjoy your claws for the next 8 hours. Once I get home, someone is getting a pedicure. Respect my authoritay!


Thoughtsy aka Mommy aka The Person Who Controls the Catnip and the Can Opener

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