Does Strawberry Jelly Count as Fruit?

How many fruit servings should you eat per day? 2? 3? 5? Let’s consult the food pyramid.

But do we still use the pyramid? I thought we were using a circle because it looks like a plate. What if all my plates are triangle shaped? Does that mean I’m a nonconformist or behind-the-times because I’m using plates that look like pyramids?

Anyways, I think I eat enough fruit.

  • Fruit-filled Pop-Tarts
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Peanut butter and jelly (strawberry or raspberry) sandwiches
  • Strawberry Frosted MiniWheats
  • Orange or cherry popsicles
  • Oatmeal raisin granola bars
  • Fruit By the Foot.*

Recently, I found a new way to incorporate even more fruit into my diet.

Don't judge me.

Milk chocolate with cherries, dark chocolate with blueberries and lavendar,** dark chocolate and blueberries, and white chocolate and strawberries.***

Chocolate and fruit. Together. Living in harmony. And living in my tummy.

Also, you’ll notice that I don’t discriminate against chocolate. White, milk, and dark—I love it all.

*For those of you going into shock, every day I eat at least 3 real fruits.

**I’m worried that the dark chocolate, blueberry, and lavendar bar may be a horrible, horrible mistake. But does lavendar count as a vegetable serving?

***This weekend I made a smore with the white chocolate and strawberries. Let’s just say I’ll definitely be having smore.

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