My Reputation as a Blogger, Not a Floozy

On Saturday afternoon, I met up with fellow blogger Misty.

And I was nervous. Date nervous. In fact, if you count the Renaissance Festival, Saturday was our second date.

Thoughts started racing through my head:

  • Does this sweater make me look fat?
  • What if I trip and fall on my face?
  • It’s snowing. What if snow falls on my head and ruins my hair? Maybe I should wear a hat.
  • Are birds still flying south for the winter? What if a bird poos on me? I should definitely wear a hat.
  • What if she doesn’t like smores? (This should have been my first worry. Obviously, my game was off.)
  • What happens on the second date? Is that second base?

Misty and I met at a really cool store called Retro Metro. As we entered the store, I was even more nervous. I promised Misty the store had some funny stuff for excellent blog material and gifts.

What if she didn’t think the store was funny? My credibility would be shot. I could see rumors running rampant through the blog world: Thoughtsy doesn’t know funny. She’s as funny as a fart in a spacesuit.


But then…Misty laughed. And she laughed smore some more. And she showed me this:

A supplement to my American Sign Language classes.

We found some really cool stuff at the store…like this stuff.

Next we had lunch. And by lunch, I mean dessert. And by dessert, I mean Peanut Butter Smores. Mmmmm…. Misty even let me have the last bite because she’s cool like that.

After smores, we went back to Retro Metro because the store was just that cool.

Anyways, I think I sufficiently impressed Misty because she gave me Pop-Tarts. This means there will probably be a third date…I wonder if she’ll expect me to put out?

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