How Horrible Is Your Boss?

Horrible bosses. We’ve all had one. Maybe even two.

If you’ve had more than 3, look at yourself because you’re the common denominator.

I’m too nice to call any of my bosses 100% horrible, but I’ve had a couple bad experiences:

  • One boss wouldn’t let me leave early during a snowstorm. It took me 4 hours to get home. Thanks. Thanks a lot.
  • Another boss would tell me to change something about an article I’d written, and then she’d tell me to change it back. Stop wasting my time!

My bosses were no where near as horrible as the bosses in the movie Horrible Bosses, but if I ever encounter one, I’ll know what to do. Here’s what I learned from the movie:

  • $5,000 buys you a murder consultant, not a hitman.
  • Never put someone else’s toothbrush in your butt crack. If he dies, that butt DNA makes you a suspect.
  • Downloading music or movies illegally = a dime in prison.
  • “A dime in prison” = 10 years.
  • Spinning around in a chair is not intimidating…unless you’re Sharon Stone.
  • Three people spinning around in chairs is a musical number.
  • Never pee on a playground…even at night when no kids are around.
  • The side effects of snorting cocaine* look exhausting: hyperness and constantly running to the bathroom.

Oops...Dropped some....

*Unlike every other post where I mention crack, this time I actually mean really real cocaine, not just some delicious dessert.


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