The Return of the Pod People

Me: I need to tell you something, and I need you to not freak out about it.

Kiefer: Ok.

Me: When we were looking at houses…a lot only had 3 bedrooms. If we’re really headed down the path that you say we are, we’ll being having a baby, so you should be looking at 4-bedroom houses.

Kiefer: You’re totally right. Otherwise we’d just have to move again in a couple years.

Me: Right. Soooo…you’re not freaking out?

Kiefer: Not at all.

Me: Oh. Good.

Kiefer: I think the only person freaking out is going to be you when we have a baby boy instead of a baby girl like you want.

Me: If we have a baby boy, we’re switching it with someone else’s baby girl. Wait…did you just make a joke about a baby? Craaaaap…you’re not my boyfriend. POD PERSON!

So my question to you is…Is it ok to marry someone you suspect is a pod person?

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