What Is the Acceptable Chocolate-to-Fruit Ratio?

The other day I dragged a coworker with me  to Yogi Castle…on my lunch break. I swear it’s not an addiction. I can stop any time I want.

My yogurt was covered in chocolate and candy. My coworker’s (let’s call him Todd Ddot) yogurt was covered in fruit…no chocolate. ::Gasp!::

Ddot broke Rule #1.

Rule #1: The healthy toppings should never outweigh the yogurt.

Ddot was my inspiration for Rule #2.

Rule #2: Never add fruit to yogurt. (This makes Rule #1 null and void.)

The other day Kiefer started adding strawberries to his yogurt, and I immediately started to scold him.

Me: You’re breaking Rule #2! I don’t even know who you are anymore….

Kiefer: Is that strawberry syrup on yours?

Me: Like there are any real strawberries in that syrup. Stay away from me. I don’t even want to be seen with you…. Wait…you’re still paying for me, right?

So Kiefer and I compromised and added Rule #3.

Rule #3: There must be more chocolate than fruit on your yogurt.

Rule #3 is like a loophole for you weird people who like a cherry on top. Kiefer has been kind enough to provide examples for you.

Exhibit A

As you can see here, Kiefer started to eat Exhibit A before I could snap a pic. We’re not holding that against him though since he made the fruit sacrifice.

Although Kiefer added strawberries, the brownie bites, chocolate syrup, and chocolate yogurt make up for the fruit.

Exhibit B

Once again, Kiefer added strawberries. I’m trying to not gag overlook that those strawberries are on mint yogurt. Ewwww….

Anyways, the point is that the M&Ms, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, and mini-caramel turtles definitely outnumber the strawberries.

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