Am I the Stinky Kid?

Dear Yogi Castle,

Kiefer and I frequent our local Yogi Castle…well…frequently. They know us there. We get free drinks. We I have a nickname. We’re regulars.

Despite our constant patronage, I’m concerned. Concerned about a frozen yogurt crisis. Concerned about my well being and sanity.

I’m concerned that Yogi Castle may go the route of some of our other “regular” places.


RIP Cocoa Trio. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss its warm chocolatey goodness. Borders went out of business despite our constant hot chocolate patronage.

Ever since, Kiefer and I haven’t been able to find a place for us to be regulars.

TGI Friday’s

Kiefer and I used love their sangria. We went there every Sunday. Then they changed their sangria recipe, and now it tastes icky.


Kiefer and I used to visit a local Irish pub for the best cream of crab soup ever. And then…they changed the recipe. WHY?! Is it me? Am I not using enough deodrant? Dear God, am I the stinky kid? (::sniffing underarm::)

Yogi Castle

So far, so good. There are several flavors there that I like: cookies and cream, strawberry, cake batter, and pralines and cream. But there are also flavors I dislike: pumpkin, mint….

I noticed the Coming Soon flavor is Green Tea. Ewww….

My worst fear would be to walk into Yogi Castle and see only these flavors: Green Tea, Peppermint Stick, Coffee, Pumpkin, Mint, Coffee, Gingerbread, Eggnog, Banana, and Watermelon.

Please don’t let it come to that. I’m begging you to not end our relationship.

If I’m the stinky kid, just tell me. I’ll wear more Jelly Belly Blueberry Muffin perfume.

I’ll do anything. Seriously.

 Your Best Customer,


PS: While perusing your website, I noticed two flavors that aren’t at my local Yogi Castle: Mounds Chocolate Coconut and Angel Food Cake. Please send mass quantities. Thanks in advance.

What are your favorite or most hated flavors?


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