My Cat Is a Slave to Fashion

Don’t let my cat fool you. She loves fashion. So when some bloggers sent me some stuff, Esme was all over it. Literally.

This work of art is from Thy‘s daughter, 13. You may recall the bat and penguin 13 and her brother sent me last year.

In response to this Hello Kitty rendering, Esme says…

To 13: Hello 13! I love your drawing. Only next time could you send Chococat? Chococat looks more like me.

To Thoughtsy: Thoughtsy, why the heck haven’t you gotten me a hula skirt yet?

Esme also had something to say about the slap bracelet from GoGuiltyPleasures.

Jules is cool, and she’s a new blog crush, and most importantly, she shares my love of Glee. She made me Chief Chipmunk, and I’m not entirely sure what that entails, but I’m think it gives me license to shove tons of cookies in my cheeks.

Go check out more slap bracelet pics and Jules’s blog!

Esme: How the heck does this thing work?

It’s not your fault, Esme. Slap bracelets were before your time….

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