The Frozen Yogurt Nazi

I told you that Kiefer and I visit Yogi Castle so much that the manager knows us and gives us free water.

But that’s Kiefer’s version. Kiefer thinks we got free water because we’re regulars.

That’s not what I think. I’ll lay out some of our Yogi Castle history, and then you decide who’s right.

After we visited Yogi Castle a couple times…

Kiefer: That guy is always here.

Thoughtsy: ::trying to choose between Cake Batter and Cookies N’ Cream and ultimately deciding on both:: What guy?

Kiefer: That guy behind the toppings. I think he’s the manager.

Thoughtsy: ::head perks up at the word “toppings”:: Uh-huh….

Kiefer: He never smiles.

Thoughtsy: So he’s like the Soup Nazi? ::adding toppings so cup is 33% yogurt and 66% toppings::

I only add the sprinkles to make it pretty.

The manager was standing right behind the white chocolate, strawberry, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, and peanut butter syrups.

Cautiously, I reached forward to grab the caramel. I kept my eyes locked with the manager’s the entire time. Was he going to swat my hand away?

No more toppings for you!

My fingers curled around the bottle. Success! I smiled. 

The manager smiled back.

And ever since, I always say, “Hi” and smile. And he smiles back.

So the moral of this story is Smile and the world smiles with you…and gives you free bottled water.


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