As If!

This time of year makes me miss teaching being a student. Seriously. No responsibilities (except making the Honor Roll). And most importantly, no school.

To remininsce about my high school experience, I watched Clueless. Because obviously my high school was exactly like that. Psych!

Things I Don't Miss About High School: Plaid...and Big Cell Phones.

  • When you’re first learning to drive, avoid the freeway.
  • Just because a guy sings “Rollin’ With My Homies” with you doesn’t mean he likes you.
  • Watch who your point your knees at. It means you want to have sex with them. For example, right now I want to have sex with my desk.
  • Marky Mark has a busy pants-dropping schedule.
  • Polonius said, “To thine own self be true,” not Hamlet.
  • 7 M&Ms is 5 M&Ms too many.
  • The worst insult ever is “You’re a virgin who can’t drive.”
  • Sometimes you fall in love…with your ex-stepbrother.

The most important lesson I learned is for the younger readers: Searching for a boyfriend in high school is as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.

You’re welcome. I know I just saved you hours and hours of time. I wish someone had told me that when I was in high school.

Would you go back to high school if you could?


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