Yogi Castle Is My Kingdom

Sometimes you wanna go, where everybody knows your naaaame….

You’re singing the song, aren’t you?

Everybody has a favorite place. A place that you frequent. A place where the server knows your order.

Maybe it’s…

  • The coffee shop you stop at every morning.
  • Where you go every Friday (or Monday through Friday) for happy hour.
  • The bar where you watch the game.
  • The fast food restaurant where your friend works so you order 2 tap waters and go through the drive-thru topless….

For Kiefer and I, our regular place is Yogi Castle.

If you’ve never been to Yogi Castle, this is what happens when you enter:

 Worker: Have you been to Yogi Castle before?

Yogi Castle Newbie: No. I’ve never visited this fine establishment before, but Thoughtsy said you put crack in the frozen yogurt, so I had to check it out.

Worker: (explains that it’s self serve and you pay by weight) Let me know if I can get you any samples.

The other night Kiefer and I walked into our local Yogi Castle, and this happened:

The staff member smiled at us and nodded.

Kiefer: Aren’t you going to ask us if we’ve been here before and if we’d like to sample anything?

Staff member: Nah. I figure you know the drill by now.

Thoughtsy: Did he just call us fat?

As Kiefer and I ate our frozen yogurt (snickerdoodle with cookie dough, caramel syrup, and vanilla syrup), the manager dropped by our table to give us a complimentary bottle of water.

This frozen yogurt is only a representation of mine.*

The place was packed. But only Kiefer and I got free water. Why? Because we’re regulars. As regular as your BMs. Well, maybe not that regular.

One week I went there 3 times in 6 days. Don’t judge me till you’ve tasted it. Once it hits your lips…. Mmmmm….

* 1. My frozen yogurt is never that pretty. 2. My frozen yogurt would not have fruit on it. 3. My frozen yogurt would have some form of chocolate on it.


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