Bringing in the Reinforcements

Boo and Radley. Aka my left- and right-hand men boys. Aka my reinforcements. Aka my partners in dessert crime.

When Kiefer and I broke up, that meant no more Boo and Radley as well. That sucked. It was like I broke up with 3 people.

When we broke up, I asked Kiefer what he told Boo and Radley. I didn’t want them to think badly of me.Β The conversation went like this:

Kiefer: So did you notice anything different this morning?

Radley: Esme was gone. (You see who ranks with Radley: the cat.)

Boo: Thoughtsy was gone.

Kiefer: Thoughtsy and I broke up, but you guys can see her whenever you want.

Boo: Why did you break up?

Kiefer: Because Thoughtsy wants to get married, and I’m not sure if I’m ready for that.

Boo: But then Thoughtsy would be our stepmom. And that would be cool!

Kiefer: Well, she also wants a baby soon….

Radley: Then we’d have a little brother or sister to play with!

As you can see, Kiefer was outnumbered. When Kiefer told the boys we were back together, the conversation went like this:

Kiefer: When I told you guys I was seeing Thoughtsy again, I meant “seeing” her as in “dating.” As in we’re back together.

Radley: Like she’s your girlfriend again?

Kiefer: Yes.


Boo: Good. I missed her.

Awwww…I missed them, too.


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