How to Makeup After a Breakup

This is the next installment in the soap opera As the World Turns Around Thoughtsy and Kiefer. In last week’s episode, I revealed that Kiefer and I agreed to talk when he returned from Africa.

Prior to Kiefer’s return, he revealed that he had made a list of questions and topics for us to discuss.

Initially, I was impressed. Kiefer struggles to make even a grocery list.

As his return approached, I started to get pissed off. What could possibly be a concern except my addiction to Pop-Tarts? What type of questions were on his list? Why the hell did I suddenly feel like I was about to be interviewed?

I started to get worked up. So I sat down to make my own list of questions and topics for Kiefer. I came up with one:

  1. Why do you suck so bad?

Only after I calmed down did I come up with two reasonable questions:

  1. What changed (if anything)?
  2. Why should I believe you?

Here are just a few examples of questions on Kiefer’s list:

  • Would I be willing to eventually move back to the West Coast with him?
  • Would I be willing to live in a different country if he transferred for work?
  • Could I still love him after how much he hurt me?

So after many, many discussions…I decided to give Kiefer another chance.


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