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If you’re new around here, the abbreviated version of my relationship history is over the summer I broke up with my commitment-phobic boyfriend. The slightly longer verison is here.

A few days after I left Kiefer, he texted me a couple times to say he was thinking of me.

Thoughtsy’s Thoughts: Good. Umph.

Kiefer texted me while he was visiting his family in Oregon to say he missed me.

Thoughtsy’s Thoughts: We’re broken up, so what’s a safe response here? “I hope you’re having a nice visit!” 

When Kiefer returned from his visit home, he asked if he could show me childhood stuff he brought back.

Thoughtsy’s Thoughts: I don’t…understand…what’s…happening….

Three weeks later, Kiefer asked to see me before he left for Africa. He said, “We have to find a way to make this work.”

Thoughtsy’s Thoughts: We? Exsqueeze me? I realize a relationship is two people blah blah blah, but he’s the one who isn’t sure about what he wants.

When Kiefer returns from Africa…Kiefer and I talk…a lot. He has a list of topics and questions. He wants to get back together. He wants to be “all in.”

Thoughtsy Thoughts: Why should I believe you? Prove it.

And that’s what he’s been doing. Proving it.


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