Fessing Up

After I left Kiefer, the blog world showed me a lot of support. Support I truly appreciate. Support that made the breakup easier. Support that gave me hope that I would be ok.

Now I have a confession to make: Kiefer and I got back together.

Why didn’t I tell you sooner?

  • Because I was busy shoving my face with Pop-Tarts. Priorities, you know.
  • Because I wanted to shelter you, my blog buddies.
  • Because I hate makeup-breakup drama.
  • Because your opinions are important to me, and I didn’t want you to think I didn’t appreciate your support.
  • Because I was doing fine without him.
  • Because I wasn’t sure getting back together was the right decision.

So why am I telling you now?

  • Because I’m out of Pop-Tarts.
  • Because I’m tired of thinking, “I should blog about this. Oh…wait….”
  • Because if Catherine can admit to it, so can I.
  • Because some interesting conversations and “stuff” has been going on, and I now feel confident in my choice. So I’ll be catching you up on what’s been going on.
And most importantly, because maybe there will be a happy ending.

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