There’s Something in the Woods

Remember how I’m supposed to be dating myself?

Last weekend I checked off Take a long walk.

Only I changed it to Take a long, sweat-inducing hike because that allows for more dessert consumption.

Since I went hiking the same weekend as the Via Ferrata, I started out slow. First, I hiked the 1-mile moderate level trail, and then I hiked a 2-mile moderate trail.

How was it? Let’s just say I didn’t feel guilty about drinking a hot chocolate and eating 2 smores later that night.

Basically, my thought process during the hike went like this:

  • Why am I starting out walking all downhill?
  • ::slipping on leaves:: Stupid leaves.
  • I can’t believe I’m still walking down hill.
  • ::slipping on more leaves:: Stupid leaves. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone hiking by myself. I’m gonna slip and fall and die of exposure…and lack of Pop-Tarts. OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT POP-TARTS!
  • Finally…an incline.
  • Still going up.
  • Still up? Seriously?
  • Can’t…stop…. If I stop, I’ll never start again.
  • Soooooo hot. Can I strip down and continue the hike nekkid?

I did stop once briefly to ponder wandering into this:

But I decided against it. Monsters live in places like that. And if not monsters, definitely something that bites.

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