See That Girl, Watch That Scene

Remember when the Ravens beat the Steelers? Good times, good times.

Let’s just let that sink in for a moment.




Ok, moving on. Before the game, I didn’t really know anything about football. I knew…

  • Football is not soccer…unless you’re in a different country. Then it is soccer.
  • A touchdown is worth 6 points.
  • Football players hit each other’s butts. (Has this stopped or are they just not showing it on TV?)

So I did some research. Specifically, on the Ravens and Steelers history.

And by “research,” I mean Googled it and read one article. One article that said this: the Ravens usually beat the Steelers.

That’s how I knew the Ravens would win. And because Clay jinxed it. And because I’m psychic. Seriously.

And now Clay is going to do some research a’ la chick flick style. He lost our bet, so now he has to pay up by watching a chick flick and writing a Movies Teach Us post.

And I’d like the blogger who was closest in her score prediction to announce the movie. A drumroll please for Ironic Mom

Did you see that, Clay? No? What about this one?

Thank you, Leanne!

I’m really happy Leanne won because her team recently lost to Pittsburgh, and she had to endure Clay’s taunting.

If you haven’t already, go check out Ironic Mom’s blog. Here’s why:

  • She’s Canadian, and everyone knows Canadians are super nice.
  • She’s Canadian, and I’ve never heard her say “Eh.”
  • She manages to balance teaching, writing, and twins.
  • She’s working on a book, so she’ll be famous soon, and if you check her out now, you’ll be able to say, I knew her when….

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30 responses to “See That Girl, Watch That Scene

  • educlaytion

    Oh, I see. Bring in the friendly Canuck to soften the blow eh? I can take it. I was dragging a little a this Monday morning, but I’m happy to see this post. Well played ladies.

    Yes, I’m a man of my word and will endure Mamma Mia. I think you just didn’t want me ridiculing Steel Magnolias on behalf of all the estrogen stored in your comment threads. Very well. I should also reveal now that I had already seen Twilight (mostly but don’t remember any of it), Sex and the City, and possibly one of the 79 versions of Pride & Prejudice. Then again it might have been Sense & Sensibility. It’s all the same 19th century British mush. Only zombies can save it 🙂

    You should know, Thoughtsy my dear, that the Steelers are 21-14 all time against the Ravens. More importantly, and this is for you too Misty ;-), the Steelers are 3-0 against Baltimore in the playoffs. That will probably be 4-0 later this year!

    But I’m not here to talk about how the Ravens lost yesterday to a team that Pittsburgh destroyed 24-0 a few weeks back. I’m here to accept your challenge and watch Mamma Mia. As soon as I locate a copy I’ll get right on purchasing a DVD player or going to a friend’s house. Or blackmailing a student with bad grades if they don’t do a report on the movie for me.

  • Nikitaland


  • Bonnie

    I don’t know much about football either, other than our team (Panthers) really suck this year (did I just say that out loud… yesssss, yes I did). Still got that spirit though, bless their hearts. 🙂

  • Todd Pack

    Clay, here’s the weird thing, and I’m saying this so you don’t freak out: You’ll be watching the movie, and you’ll realize you know the words to almost every song, because that’s how ABBA songs are. You’ve heard them all your life, and they’ve taken root in the same part of your brain that saves random lines from “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” and “Raising Arizona.”

  • skippingstones

    Well, I’m excited that Mamma Mia won. I didn’t enjoy that movie very much, despite the songs, so that’s the one I voted for. Is that mean of me? Sorry, Clay, I don’t even know you, so I guess you can chalk it up to mob mentality.

    And yes, I would hate to see you rip apart Steel Magnolias, because “laughter through tears is my favorite emotion”.

  • Send Your Child Scavenging . . . in the Dictionary | Leanne Shirtliffe ~ Ironic Mom

    […] please head over to Thoughts Appears’ blog, where I reveal what chick-flick Mr. Pittsburgh himself (Clay Morgan) has to watch because he lost […]

  • Amy

    I voted for Mamma Mia! I haven’t seen it because I would like to remember Pierce Brosnan as Remington Steele or James Bond, not some dude singing ABBA songs. Same reason why I don’t want to see any Hugh Jackman musicals. He’s Wolverine, dammit! Get those maracas out of his hands!
    Ahem. Sorry.
    Can’t wait to see what Clay has to say about this movie!

  • Linda Medrano

    Mamma Mia is a great one. Both Alex and I hated it. My 49ers are now 8 and 1. They beat the NY Giants yesterday. So the celebrations are on!

  • Marianne

    I still think a chick flick isn’t a chick flick if James Bond was in it, but majority wins. The broadway musical is better, by the way.

  • lisa

    Awesome. I’m pretty sure Pierce Brosnan’s voice alone will haunt him for years to come!

  • mescribe

    I can’t wait to read what Clay learns from Mamma Mia! 🙂

  • mistyslaws

    Huh. I swear I commented early this morning, but its gone ….. did I put it somewhere else, Thoughtsy? Anyway, let’s try this again…..

    Hahahahaha!! Although I voted for Steel Magnolias, I think Mama Mia is a fitting punishment for Clay. Anything with Meryl & Pierce singing & dancing should be stab your eyes out good. I have never seen it, so I can’t wait for all the lessons Clay is sure to teach us! 🙂

    Also, too bad for Clay he didn’t bet you this week. Such a poor showing. 😦 It’s just too bad for the Steelers that apparently the Ravens only lose to suck teams. :p

  • HopefulLeigh

    Oh dear. I liked most of the contenders but Mamma Mia is one of the most painful chick flicks I’ve ever watched. And I’ve watched- and enjoyed- some seriously lame chick flicks! Certain actors just should not sing on camera. Ever. The silver lining is that you can sing along and try to drown out Pierce Brosnan. Enjoy, Clay!

  • Holly

    THOUGHTSY! I wasn’t even searching for mermaid-assassins but this totally appeared in my sidebar – it like KNOWS, YOUTUBE KNOWS what I’m thinking!!!

    Btw caught some mermaid assassins on the telly last night having a stand-off with some other mermaid assassins – but enough about that – clicky the linky!!

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