The Power of the Jinx

The Ravens beat the Steelers Sunday night, 23-20. And you know why they won?


  • I wore purple.
  • I ate Blitzburgh Crunch ice cream.

    A metaphor for Baltimore beating Pittsburgh.

  • I put supportive black stripes on my face.
  • I cheered and danced a little happy dance.
  • I bought Clay Skittles…you know, just in case.

And most importantly…

Because Clay jinxed it.

That’s right, Steelers fans. If you’re looking for someone to blame, Clay’s your man.

If Clay hadn’t jinxed them, the Steelers would have won the game. Why?

Me watching the Ravens should have ensured their loss because I’m bad luck. I confirmed this when I watched my first car race: the one Dale Earnhardt died in. I feel personally responsible.

In case you didn’t watch the game, the Ravens started off strong, and then they got behind. They were losing.

As you can see, I was about to admit defeat, but after a booty shaking rally from me, the Ravens came back and won it…in the last 20 seconds of the game.

And you know what that means: Clay watches a chick flick. But which one? As Dances with Chaos put it, I don’t want Clay to enjoy the chick flick, I want it to make him stab his eyeballs.

Stay tuned for the chick flick final choice and a post singing Ironic Mom’s praises for being the closest to the final score!

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