Zombie Movie Fail

I’ve been watching horror and zombie movies like crazy for a Movies Teach Us post, and they’ve all been massive fails.

Such massive fails that I didn’t even finish watching them.

  • Return to Sleepaway Camp: In all honesty, I didn’t have high hopes for this sequel.
  • Zombie Nation: Maybe I turned it off too soon, but there were random flashes of some guy getting spanked…and I don’t understand how that relates to zombies.
  • Zombie Apocalypse:  I don’t remember why I turned this off.

And last but not least, Zombie High. I had high hopes for this movie because Virginia Madsen was in it, and she was also in C-ndyman (no one says the name on this blog), which scared me.

Zombies = Well-Behaved, Hard-Working Preps

Here’s what I learned from that movie:

  • Mixing brain matter and blood will make you live forever.
  • You can get Converse Chucks in mustard yellow.
  • Sherilyn Flenn used to date Jack Nicholson.
  • Just because a movie has “zombie” in the title doesn’t mean it’s about traditional zombies.

 Warning: The term “zombies” is used loosely. If you’re expecting a movie about brain-eating-back-from-the-dead zombies, do not watch this movie.


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