Whose Side Are You On?

Do you read blog comments? Well you should. Shame on you. ::head shaking:: (My head. Shaking at you. Not with you.)

Recently, Clay picked on the Ravens in a blog comment, and it got me into some trouble.

Clay’s Comment: The Ravens sure looked good last night!

Thoughtsy’s Thought: Ravens won! Woo-hoo!

Thoughtsy’s Taunt to Pittsburgh Fan Coworker: Go Ravens! Boo-yah!

Pittsburgh Fan Coworker: The Ravens lost last night.

Thoughtsy’s Thoughts: Damn you, Clay. (::fist shaking::)

This is where you shake your head at me…not with me.

But now…it’s…on.

The Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers are playing on Sunday, November 6th. And Clay and I will have some trash talk beat downs fun commentary on the Thoughts Appear Facebook page.

You can join in the fun by posting your score prediction at EduClaytion. Whoever gets the closest will get some blog promotion by us.

But wait…there’s more!

Clay and I have a little wager going.

  • If the Ravens win, Clay has to watch a chick flick and do a Movies Teach Us guest post. So leave me a comment with a chick flick suggestion. Maybe Sex and the City or Bridget Jones?
  • If the Steelers win, I have to send Clay a tasty treat, so leave him a comment with some dessert ideas.

Let the trash talk begin.

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