Who Done It?

Colonel Mustard…in the library…with the candlestick.

Oops. Wrong movie.

So I finally completed the Scream movie marathon. I already posted about Scream, so now I’ll sum up Scream 2, 3, and 4.

Scream 2

Initially, I was too busy drooling over Timothy Olyphant to learn anything from this movie.

Then Jerry O’Connell tried to sing and that snapped me out of my Olyphant daze. Here’s what I learned: O’Connell’s singing was worse than Pierce Brosnan in Mamma Mia.

Scream 3

First, I was distracted by a Jay and Silent Bob cameo, and then I was too busy drooling over McDreamy to learn anything from this movie.

Oops. Obviously, my priorities were a little messed up. Sorry about that. It won’t happen again. I’ll ground myself for two weeks one week two days.

I did manage to take notes about Scream 4.  Before I tell you what I learned, let me run you through my thoughts during the beginning of the movie.

  • Ohhhhhh…a movie within a movie.
  • Sookie! I hope she’s in the real movie.
  • Ohhhhhh…a movie within a movie within a movie.
  • Obviously, that girl never saw the first Scream movie. If she had, she’d have known going into the garage is never a good idea.
Now…here’s what I learned from Scream 4:
  • When running from a killer, take off those super high heels.
  • In copycat murders, the old horror movie rules don’t apply.
  • For a cop, Dewey is a sucky shot.
  • Cops guarding the house always die.
  • Only gay people survive modern day horror movies.
  • Kids today are flippin’ crazy.
And most importantly, I learned that even the movie buffs are suspects.
And I’m a movie buff. Craaaaap. I hope I’m not a killer. Did they ever find out who shot the sheriff? I hope it wasn’t me.

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