Someone Stabbed My Cupcake!

How My Halloween Was Almost Ruined

The keyword is “almost.”

Someone (when I find out who I’m gonna kick his tushie) tried to ruin my Halloween weekend and Halloween day itself. Who would do that? I have a couple suspects. The audacity of some people…. Geesh.

It all started on Saturday morning when I woke up to snow. That’s right. Snow. In October. And not just flurries but massive flakes.


Hence, Suspect #1 is Mother Nature. The b*tch.

Then my smores cupcakes fell over, and blood and icing went everywhere…before I could get a good picture.


Stabbed Smores Cupcakes Crime Scene

And that leads me to Suspect #2: Gravity. The jerk….

But then my morning started to get better.

You: How? How can you possibly recover from tipped over cupcakes?

Me: Well, reader, I’m glad you asked. What an excellent question. As I attempted to upright the  cupcakes, smooth the icing, and restab the cupcakes, I ended up with icing all over my fingers. Which I promptly licked off.

Icing at 7 in the morning makes Thoughtsy a very happy lady.


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