Percy Q. Poodle

October 23rd was a very special day. Let’s look at my calendar, shall we?

October 23: PERCY!!!

You: Who the hell is Percy? Why is his name in all caps? Why does he get not 1 but 3 exclamation points after his name?

Percy is my brother (Lunchbox) and his girlfriend’s dog. His full name is Percy Q. Poodle.

You: What’s the “Q” stand for?

That’s exactly what I asked.

Lunchbox’s Girlfriend: Cutie, of course!

Of course. (You just rolled your eyes, didn’t you? Don’t worry, it’s cuter when she says it.)

Before I met Percy, I definitely teased my brother about the fact that he was getting a miniature poodle aka a drop-kick dog. Even when my brother presented the following argument, I laughed at him:

  • Poodles are crazy smart.
  • Poodles are super easy to train. They practically train themselves. (This is very important since neither my brother nor his girlfriend have ever had a dog.)
  • Lunchbox was establishing ground rules. For example, his girlfriend would not, under any circumstances, be allowed to carry the poodle in her purse.

But the laughing stopped when I met Percy Q. Poodle. Because he was a big tiny ball of cuteness.

A ferocious, sock-loving ball of cuteness.


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