Help! My Cat’s a Zombie!

SOS! SOS! Calling all zombie hunters!

I suspect the zombie virus has gone airborne. How do I know? Because even though my cat Esme wasn’t bitten, she appears to have become a zombie kitty. What do I do?

I’ve posted the sequence of the transformation here.

Stage 1. A normal, curious cat.

Stage 2. A foot-fetish cat emerges.

Stage 3. The transformation begins.

Is that a brain?

Stage 4. A full-fledged cat zombie.


I think I’m going to keep her around for a little bit just in case someone comes up with a cure…or in case this is just a head cold.

Instead of going all zombie hunter on Esme, I released my frustrations on a cantaloupe. Check it out on Blurt’s Happy National Anti-Pumpkin Day!


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