#22. Meeting Misty

I’m not afraid to admit it: I was nervous to meet Misty.


Have you seen her Weekly Whacked? I didn’t want to end up on next week’s edition.

So I came prepared. Misty said she liked M&Ms, so I brought her M&Ms. As long as I showered her with M&Ms (she likes chocolate M&Ms), I figured she would overlook any possible fashion faux pas.

Imaginary Misty: What the hell are you wearing? I could prosecute you for wearing that.

Imaginary Me: Ummmm…here, have some M&Ms.

Misty and I went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival for our blogger meetup, and that was a great place to people watch.

More importantly, it was a great place to observe Misty taking pictures of people.

Prior to Misty, when I saw someone dressed outrageously, I would whip out my camera to take a picture…

And I’d hestitate. Then chicken out.

Why? Because what if they caught me? What if they chased me down screaming, You wanna a piece of me?! YOU WANNA A PIECE OF ME?!

Look at this pic that Misty took. She prevailed in her picture snapping and caught a picture of Pikachu…at the Renaissance Festival (WTF?).

She laughed in the face of danger…even when he threatened her with a wooden sword.

Who knew Pikachu had a menacing stare?

If Misty could look Pikachu in the eye and say, “Bring it!” so I could.

Here’s my first attempt.

Obviously, I’m too easily distracted. I cut out the Pikachu head when I saw the tail.

Misty: Take a deep breath, and try again, Grasshopper.


Head and tail! I’m now skilled in the art of Whacked Photography (and able to cross #22 off my 35 Before 35 List). Thanks, Misty!

Eager for more RennFest fun? Check out Misty’s post today and back here tomorrow!


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