The Halloweenies

Teehee…I said “weenies.”

I love Halloween. Which reminds me…have you found a costume yet? I wouldn’t bank on the rapture happening.

Anyways, when I think of Halloween, certain commenter blog crushes that come to mind. Specifically, those who entered in my Halloween Costume Contest last year.

But these peeps also:

FnkyBee: You ALWAYS make time for halloween costumes.

Whoopie: Every year I want to be something original and creative. Every year. And every year, I’m left scratching my head at the last minute trying to figure out what I can fashion from some beads, some velcro, and a few hot rollers.

She Is Just a Rat: Okay…really weird confession.  I once dressed up as a fridge…on the same year that my brother dressed up as an electrical outlet.  But we didn’t trick or treat together, so I don’t think anyone really got the connection…*snicker*…pardon the pun.

And let’s have a moment of silence for the Halloween-deprived….

Britt: I must say I’m a Halloween hater and didn’t even so much as think of a costume for this year. Can we still be friends? 🙂

Lorraine: I’ve never celebrated a Halloween in my life. What’s a… c-c-cos-tume?

Nikki: They don’t celebrate Halloween in Holland! Well. Ok. As [one of] my gay boyfriend[s] informed me, they do. Only it’s All-Saints or something. I’ve been advised to get thee to a church for lovely music and a night of remembering. Can I dress up or is that considered sacrilegious? And, should I be struck down upon entering a church (an act I wouldn’t be surprised by – sorry God, I just wasn’t sure about your existence and disagree with a lot of your followers doctrine – thought they were misinterpreting), wouldn’t that ruin the mood?


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