Zombies Have To Be Carefully Taught

Since it’s almost Halloween, I’ve had the zombie itch. To scratch it, I watched George Romero’s Survival of the Dead.

I love a movie about zombie killers. But you know what’s better than zombie killers?

Irish Zombie Killers.

I learned only a few things from this movie, but they were important things.

  • When zombies take over, the internet will still work.
  • Guns work even when they’re wet.
  • There are a lot of bad zombie jokes to be made: “Why are zombies good at oral sex? Because they’ll eat anything you put in front of them.” Oooooo…. I mean, Ewwww…. Or Owwwww…. I’m just not sure which reaction is the best.

 Like Aaah! Zombies (Did anyone else watch it yet?), this movie made me question my zombie hatred. 

What if we don’t have to kill them? We could just chain them up until someone finds a cure? Is it possible to teach a zombie to eat something besides human brains? Let’s just not teach them to eat chocolate, ok?


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