Hall Pass aka the Pros and Cons of Applebee’s

Since I wrote about Schweddy Balls yesterday, today I thought I’d write about a movie (Hall Pass) with a lot of penis shots. A lot.

Did you see Forgetting Sara Marshall? Remember how you see Jason Segel’s…you know? This is how watching that movie went for me:

Oh my gosh! Did you see that? Oh my gosh, they just showed it again!  Surely that was the last time. And there it is again.

Hall Pass went the same way. I think this movie shows more guy parts than girl parts. Finally!

Actually…I liked it better when movies just did that fade to black thing. They’re called private parts for a reason.

Oh you can tell by the way I walk I'm a woman's man. No time to talk.

Anyways, here’s what I learned:

  • Applebee’s is not the best place to pick up women.
  • However, Applebee’s is a guy’s dream restaurant.
  • Men secretly love Dove soap.
  • Some gyms have bars.
  • Sometimes you need a bath after you go to the bathroom.
  • It’s ok to strike out as long as you take a couple swings.
  • A woman’s job is to fake everything between the hours of 10 PM and 6 AM.

On a more serious note, is a hall pass out of marriage like a real thing? And why was Joy Behar in this movie? (I’m not sure if the second question is serious or not.)


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35 responses to “Hall Pass aka the Pros and Cons of Applebee’s

  • Todd

    I think a better question is why is Stephen Merchant, co-creator of The Office and Extras and co-presenter of the Ricky Gervais Podcast, in this movie? Surely, as co-creator of The Office, he isn’t hurting for cash.

    P.S. Seriously, download the Ricky Gervais Podcast and specials.

  • Luda Kristen

    Isn’t this the movie that has the dude pretending to eat a chick out but using his finger instead?

    What did they call it? CRAP I CAN’T REMEMBER. But now I always check on my boyfriend when he’s down there, to make sure he’s not faking it.

  • ryoko861

    Applebys….a pick up bar? That’s the LAST place I’d go if I wanted to find a guy. I can’t stand their food, I want to find a guy there? You have to think, what kind of guy is he if he hangs at Applybys?

    My son was watching a Robin Williams movie the other day. He comes into the kitchen and says he just saw Robin Williams naked and he’s traumatized for life. A horrid image he’ll never get out of his head for the rest of his life. Some guys just shouldn’t show their wieners. Or whole naked body for that matter. That’s why they pixelate those areas!

  • Amy

    I never saw this one. Don’t know if I want to witness that much full frontal dude nudity (dudeity?)
    And, no. A “hall pass” is not a real thing. If my husband ever asks for a hall pass I’ll have him expelled. Amirite, ladies? *raises hand for a high-five* Don’t leave me hangin’.

  • Sara no "H"

    I didn’t think this movie was all that great but I peed a little when the girl was sitting on the tub and you know what happened. I love it that movies are playing around more with women roles (except the whole making us look slutty part) but I LOVE that it shows a woman has to use the bathroom sometimes ha ha ha ha. I swear some men out there really believe we don’t.

  • Carol

    I’m just too old for these movies, I think. But then I was too old for them when I was young. I prefer using my imagination to having certain things thrust into my face (figuratively, of course). Certain parts should indeed be kept private, and certain acts are not spectator sports, in my prudish opinion.

  • Linda Medrano

    They seem to be making a lot of movies for the 11 to 14 year old male set, don’t they? I have no problem at all with nudity, male or female, but some of these movies are just ridiculous. I loved “The Piano” and it had a full nude scene with Harvey Kitel. He’s marvelous and the scene was not crude in the slightest. I think I’ll pass on “Hall Pass”.

  • Trinity River

    I’m going to a pass on this one too! Thanks for the heads up.

  • Nikki B

    Hmmm… have you seen “Waiting”? I feel like that’s next in line, in this particular genre…

    I also think I might be a 11-14yo boy sometimes.

  • marinasleeps

    I thought this movie was hilarious!
    And gross but very hilarious.

  • Paula @ thewilyweez

    When I was in college I worked at Applebee’s for half a week, I didn’t even want to eat there much less pick anyone up who does.

  • prttynpnk

    Now when your agent calls and says ‘it’s a comedy- so they’d like to show your penis’ is that flattering?

  • Lorraine

    As intrigued as I am, I think I’ll avoid the boy bits. I’m like a 13-year-old when it comes to watching movies. I have to cover my eyes.

  • Misty

    Yeah, I just don’t really think the male body is all that attractive. Don’t get me wrong, a great set of abs, like Ryan Reynolds (call me!) is hot, but seeing a penis is just not really all that great. I mean, women were made with attractive parts, but really, have you ever heard a woman say “he is so hot, I just love the way his penis looks?” And I’m not talking about size, that’s a feel, not look. Ok, I’m gonna stop typing the word penis now, if that’s ok with everyone. 😀

  • skippingstones

    Hah! The comments are as funny as the post! But I’m with the majority – I don’t need to see your ding-a-ling, Hollywood, I know it’s there.

  • leafprobably

    What?! What?! I have to see this movie!

    I remember the days when we would spend hours pausing movies at EXACTLY the right second to get a glimpse of a blurry something that might (or might not be) man bits (teenage girl squeal of disgust.)

    Seriously. That was our main activity during sleepovers in high school.

  • Spectra

    Now I think I’ll go search for “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” tonight on Netflix. I saw the promotions when it came out, never felt compelled to go watch a naked guy get dumped by his girlfriend. Now I want to see his bits. Real bad. Thanks for that.

  • mairzeebp

    I hated this movie Thoughts. I don’t know if I’m getting crabbier as I get older but, lately, the movies that my friends find hilarious bug me and make me long for a black and while film with Bing Crosby. I guess I’ll be hitting the early bird’s soon but that’s ok, they usually have deals where there is free pudding. Oh man, that proves it. Yep, me, old. 🙂

  • hoodyhoo

    They actually show the actual WANGS? Real-live WANGS? Thank Baby Jeebus I didn’t go see this in the theatre… as we all know, my sense of humor is a 12-year-old boy!
    When they showed the wineseller guy’s wang on Game of Thrones, I had to call Chuckweasel and yell “They showed PENIS!” And he said, “Ew, it’s not Sean Bean penis, is it?” That’s why he’s the one, y’all. Because he has a healthy fear of Sean Beanis.

  • TheIdiotSpeaketh

    Alrighty….(scratching Hall Pass off the Netflix Que..)…. thanks for the heads up…… 🙂

  • belleofthecarnival

    So what your saying is don’t watch this with my mother? Chuckles!

  • Kelley

    This was so funny! I haven’t seen either movie. I should change that. I’m also going to buy Dove soap!

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