I’m Late! Halloween Is Nearly Upon Us

Yesterday I looked at the calendar. It said September.


And not just September, but nearly the end of September.

 I panicked. I haven’t tried on even 1 Halloween costume. ::head hung in shame::

Sitting at my desk at work, I started twitching. My right knee started doing that bouncy thing. Then my left knee joined in.

Costume withdraw. ::twitch::

 To get a fix, I immediately visited Buycostumes.com to peruse Halloween costumes.

Last year, I posted some dos and don’ts for Halloween costumes. Here are some for this year.

Rub You? No thank you.
No one can pull off a genie like Robin Williams in Aladdin, so don’t even try.
And what’s that coming out of the spout? Ewwww….

A pink canoe? Seriously?

 Am I only one who doesn’t think this looks like a canoe?

It’s every girl’s dream to give birth to a midget canoer.


Why take an idea like fireman that has hotness potential and turn it into this?

I’m undecided on this next one. Is it awful or genius? 

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