Movies Teach Us: Point Break

Haaaaave you met Misty? She’s my guest blogger today for Movies Teach Us because my cat ate my post I left the post in my other pants I…I…I am a slacker. 

I just recently stumbled upon a showing on cable of the classic 1991 movie Point Break.  Having not seen this cinematic masterpiece in many a year, I decided to sit down and enjoy it again since it is still summer, and there is officially nothing on TV yet.

Once I watched the movie again, I realized that I needed to write something about the lessons in this brilliant surfing opus and pestered asked Thoughtsy from Thoughts Appear to let me guest post with a Movies Teach Us post on her site, since she is the queen of all things taught in movies. So, without further ado, here is what I learned after watching Point Break:

  • If you have a tan line above your butt, you must be a surfer.
  • If you are 25 when you first learn to surf, you will be referred to as an “old dude” by the punk kid you are purchasing your board from.
  • Tyler can also be a girl’s name.
  • When you are as pretty as Keanu, you do not need good acting skills.
  • Anthony Kiedis plays a bit part in this movie (Yay RHCP!).
  • Naked chics in the shower are NOT to be underestimated during a raid…they will F*** you up!
  • Gary Busey and Tom Sizemore probably started their rapid decent into madness when they both smoked all of the 2 kilos of uncut crystal meth that Tom angrily banged against the wall (I mean, his undercover gig was ruined.  What else where they supposed to do with them?)
  • If you go get sandwiches while on a stake-out, that is the exact time the bank robbers will show up.
  • If you are in the bank for more than 90 seconds, people are gonna die.
  • Unless your name is either Keanu or Swayze, you are probably going to die.
  • Keanu looks sexier with shorter hair.
  • Bodhi would never miss the 50-year storm.
  • You can’t beat The Swayze in a fight (Haven’t you seen Roadhouse?) unless you have a pair of handcuffs.
  • He’s not coming back.
So pretty….

And the most important lesson in the movie is that it should be enjoyed solely for it’s chief intention, to watch Keanu running and shooting and clad in a body suit and half naked in bed. It should not be expected to provide decent acting abilities (except for the Swayze, because he rocks), or else there will be disappointment.

I will say though that even after 20 years, the movie holds up pretty well.  For pure entertainment value that is.  It definitely has some cheese, but it is a fun movie with a lot of action and beautiful surfing scenes.  I’m glad I got sucked into it again after all these years because I thoroughly enjoyed it again.

Now go check out Misty’s blog to see her sleuthy camera skills of fashion faux pas.

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