The Princess Treatment in Pittsburgh

The Ravens beat the Steelers! Oh yeah!

This weekend Clay learned a very valuable lesson. The lesson of the jinx.

Just a couple weeks ago, Clay left this comment on my blog. For those of you too lazy to click on it (I completely understand—It’s Monday), he said the Steelers were going to beat the Ravens.

JINX! And that comment is why the Steelers got stomped.

For those nonfootball watchers,* let me fill you in on the score: Ravens 35, Steelers 7.

Speaking of Pittsburgh, guess where I was this weekend. Pittsburgh. I drove up to visit Puddin’ and her son (let’s call him Snack Pack).

We took Snack Pack to Kennywood, where I got the best sprinkle-covered twist cone ever. I’d show you a picture, but I scarfed that sucker down.

Since I’m not really a ride person, I spent the entire time people watching. I snapped this for your viewing pleasure:

Check out the rat tail on the guy in the white t-shirt.

I didn’t know guys wore rat tails any more. Apparently, they do. And apparently, they wear loooong rat tails.

Anyways, let’s move on to how 5-year-old Snack Pack schooled almost every guy I’ve ever dated.

On my drive up to Pittsburgh, I saw a praying mantis. And I thought, Doesn’t the lady praying mantis eat the male after they mate? Maybe I should start doing that.

She's refueling.

Then…Snack Pack opened my car door for me. And he shut it. Once he buckled himself into his car seat, he said, “Didn’t that make you feel like a princess?”

I melted.

All together now: Awwwww….

*I am a nonfootball watcher (except for the Superbowl). I didn’t even realize the Ravens won until my Steelers-fan coworker walked in looking like he lost his puppy.

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