Elephants Never Forget and Neither Will You

While Thing 1 and Thing 2 were visiting, I took them to the National Zoo. The zoo is currently spending $52 million to redo the elephant exhibit. And they’re making it all about crap, I mean…dung.

National Zoo is actually a world leader in the science of poop of all kinds of animals, elephants especially, said Brandie Smith, a senior zoo curator and elephant expert.

Who knew there was a science of poop? Not me.

The zoo is sooooo obsessed with elephant poo that you can’t even use the bathroom without it (the obsession with poo, not the actual poo) being in your face.

I found this fun elephant poo fact hanging above the potty:

So now you are well-informed on elephants bowel movements. You’re welcome. My job here is done.


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