Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave

Over the weekend, I watched Tangled because I’m a sucker for fairytales (le sigh), and because I wanted to see the Clay-look-alike in action.

Here’s what I learned from Tangled:

  • Frying pans…they’re not just for cooking. They’re a girl’s best weapon.
  • Bunnies can smell fear.
  • When a man loves you, he holds your hair. (In the movie he holds Rapunzel’s hair when she’s running, but I think a more modern day comparison would be holding hair when puking.)
  • Only magical hair can get that long and not have a million split ends.
  • When someone locks you in a tower, she’s not your real mother. She’s an evil old lady.

And most importantly, I learned that I need a cartoon chameleon so he can give everyone wet willies. A chameleon giving wet willies provides hours of amusement…hours.

Notice that I said, “cartoon chameleon.” The cartoon part is essential. A real chameleon giving wet willies…would make me throw up.

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