ET vs. That Creature From Insidious

For years I’ve said, “I believe in ghosts, but I don’t believe in aliens.”

Why? Because aliens are scarier than ghosts, and I don’t want aliens to be real. A ghost may scare you enough to pee your pants, but an alien may give you an anal probe. I’d rather pee my pants, thankyouverymuch.

This weekend I watched two movies: ET and Insidious.

That demon from Insidious…he was scary. Those claws! ::shudder::

But ET and I…we could be buddies. Best buddies.

  • ET likes Reese’s Pieces; I like Reese’s Pieces.
  • ET does whatever Elliott does. I like it when people do whatever I say without questioning.
  • ET makes Elliott fly; I’d like to fly.
  • ET builds and fixes thing; I tend to break things.
  • ET phoned home; I like to get phone calls.

ET and I could definitely be BFFs.

Mostly, I was too busy realizing I needed an alien BFF to take notes on what I learned from ET and Insidious. But I managed one tip for each movie.

From ET, I learned that calling your brother “Penis breath” will make your mother laugh as she scolds you, so you don’t really get in trouble.

From Insidious, I learned that falling asleep makes you susceptible to ghosts and demons. So don’t fall asleep…ever.

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50 responses to “ET vs. That Creature From Insidious

  • Todd Pack

    I liked it when the government scientists in the bulky “spacesuits” lumber silently into Elliott’s house with their arms outstretched, because that’s exactly how government scientists walk in real life. Spielberg’s attention to detail is just uncanny.

  • leashieloo

    The trailer for Insidious already horrified me enough, I’m not planning on watching the movie anytime too. I hate that scary guy. ET is good people (alien?) though.

  • Leauxra

    I leaned that “no sleepy” thing way back when I was 8 and watched “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. I’m glad Hollywood keeps the fear of sleeping alive. People gotta be warned.

    • Leauxra

      I would also like to note that ET was the cause of many bicycle crashes when my brother and I decided to try to “recreate” the movie poster. And none of the pictures came out.

    • thoughtsappear

      I’d much rather deal with Freddie than the Insidious guy. Freddie only has one clawed hand; the other guy had 2.

      I love that you tried to recreate the movie poster. Did you have a toy ET? Maybe that’s why it didn’t work.

  • mistyslaws

    ET was one of the first movies I remember seeing in the actual movie theater. I love that little guy. He was the epitome of ugly/cute. Plus I REALLY wanted to be able to fly on a bike. That was super awesome!

  • Bonnie

    ET is adorable! When I was a girl I had a ‘stuffed’ ET that I loved so much – he was covered in vinyl and looked like an authentic miniature version. Wish I still had him, but he had to go home. 🙂 I just watched the trailer to Insidious… looks like I’m gonna have to check that one out!

  • Britt

    I was terrified of ET as a kid. Could not watch it without running away, crying and having nightmares. Damn ET.

  • Nikki B

    I haven’t been able to sleep much over the past week (I just need more hours in a day, that’s all), SO that means I have been keeping myself save from demons and ghosts! Thanks for finding the silver lining to my week, Thoughts! Ha! 😀

  • Amiable Amiable

    In another moment of aspiring to be Cool Mom, I agreed to see Insidious with my 21-year-old. He regretted my decision when I screamed my brains out in the theater. He’s seen the movie 4x since then, thinking it’s the best scary movie he’s ever seen. I think I’ve become desensitized – this happens when you’re 50 – because, in the end, I thought it was kind of stupid. Mostly because I prefer movies that are believable. Like ET. Plus, ET’s a cute alien. Ghosts are never cute. (BTW, coincidentally, just this morning I did a post about ghosts!).

  • Kitten Thunder's Girl

    Insidious is…insidious. That’s all I know. Because that’s all the trailer told me. Over and over and over. So I’m not going to watch it. So there, stupid movie trailer makers.

    I’m glad ET has won you over to the alien race. I hope the aliens are watching and taking notes for who to send as their initial emissary. ET, yes. Alien from, well, Alien? No.

  • Spectra

    Hey, wait, what about Patrck Swayze? He was a cute ghost!

    I am with you, Thoughtsy, on the “no aliens” thing. I have a rule.

    Rule #1. NO Aliens!

    My second rule is:

    Rule # 2. NO Ghosts!

    And of course, the most obvious:

    Rule # 3. NO Voices in my head!

    These rules are immutable have been openly discussed with the Universe and all other Powers That Be. So far, So good. If they are out there, they are leaving me alone.

    (although, I do sometimes wonder, if The Universe sometimes gets a little freaked out, because it keeps hearing MY voice talking to it?)

  • Linda Medrano

    I like aliens. They are already here. Ghosts don’t bother me that much one way or the other. They pretty much just do their own thing. Now on the other hand, while I don’t really mind vampires, I am not crazy about zombies. Vampires I can deal with because they don’t mess with you unless you invite them to. Zombies mess with you because that’s what they do.

  • Nikitaland


  • Ludakristen

    I called my sister ‘penis breath’ when I was a kid after watching this movie, and I got in sooo muuuchhh trouble.

    You lucky bastard, you.

  • SuziCate

    When my kids were small, they were obsessed with ET and watched the movie like twelve times or more EVERY week…needless to say, I haven’t watched it in years!

  • belleofthecarnival

    I would much rather watch ET! Although scariest sci-fi movie I have ever seen was Event Horizon. I wouldn`t go into the house alone after watching it. Demons, Ghost, and Space is enough to give me the willies.

  • omawarisan

    Claws are always a bad sign. I just dont know if things get claws because they are evil, or they have claws and that turns them evil.

  • marinasleeps

    I saw that movie Insidious… I could not sleep for two nights straight. I had to sleep with the lights on and I kept seeing that demon’s face.
    It was horrible!!!

  • Connor @

    Falling asleep is for sissies anyway. But speaking of sissies: I wonder, how tough can any demon be, really, if it has to come for you in your sleep?

  • Kim Pugliano

    WE HAVE A GHOST!! Seriously, my 12-year-old is totally freaking out. First we learned from the Blogess(dot com) how to use a toothpick and lightly write on a banana which my husband did, and Noah saw the one that said Hello and was like, “What?” and kept asking me if we had a ghost and I was like, “I dunno.” He was like, “I thought you didn’t believe in ghosts” and I answered, “Well aren’t ghosts supposed to be mean? That just says hello. Big deal.” Then he inspected the other bananas and found the one that said, “Run. He’s behind you.” and he BURST into tears. I was in hysterics (laughing) because I’m an awesome mom and then I told him the truth. But THEN, our TV started changing channels on its own. Seriously. We turn it off on “Suite Life on Deck” and turn it on to the music channel. Every time we turn it on it’s on the music channel. Yesterday it changed while Noah was watching, “Good Luck Charlie.” He is in an absolute panic and I’m a bit nervous myself.

  • skippingstones

    Funny, I just watched ET this week. I hadn’t seen it in years, but it’s still good. I can’t help it – I cry when he “dies” and then comes back. Every time. I can’t watch the scary movies at all. But I want to know what happens. So, like all the other scary movies you ever mention, I’ll have to go now and check out the Insidious plot on Wikipedia. Yeah, I’m a wuss like that. But I’ll be able to sleep tonight. 🙂

  • Sara no "H"

    My kids just watched ET not long ago for the first time. My mom had it on VHS. They didn’t even know what VHS was. It was sad. So, anywho, they watched ET and they loved it and my 8 yo cried.I have no point …lol.

  • duckofindeed

    I don’t know which is scarier for me, aliens or ghosts. ET’s not scary, but the aliens from Aliens were. Ghosts may be scary, but it depends on if they can grab solid things or not. A ghost with an axe would be scary. But, anal probing sounds pretty unpleasant, too. Hopefully, I’ll never meet a ghost or an alien, and I’ll never know which is scarier.

  • Catherine

    I THINK I’m more afraid of ghosts…because I feel like the odds of running across a ghost in my lifetime are higher than an alien. Aliens come every once in a while, while people are dying every day and I imagine ghosts are like …everywhere. Maybe it’s flawed reasoning. 🙂

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