For the Readers Only Interested in My Cat

I know why you’re here. It isn’t because you enjoy reading about my life. Or because I’m funny. You’re here for Esme the cat. Confess!

You wanna know something about Esme? She steals your unwrapped tampons from the box and drags them all over the house! Now who’s your favorite? I just moved up a spot, didn’t I?

For Esme, every day is Tampon Day!

I’m spreading some more commenter lover today. Specifically, commenters who show their love, not for me, but for Esme.

The Idiot: My own cats caught sight of these pics and then bolted from the room with “Not with me you don’t mister!” looks on their faces.

Stacey: Only one of our four cats will watch TV. He got pretty into the bird hunting show my dad was watching a few weeks ago, and the other night he was watching ping pong on AFV. 🙂

LeashieLoo: I heart Esme! My cat is also a big fan of salty snacks. Whenever I drop them on the floor, she’s like a magnet.

Nikki: Ooooo Esme! Who’s a pretty kitty? Hmm?? Who’s so pretty? You are! That’s right! What a pretty girl! Wait…did you say something, Thoughts?

Just as I suspected…a significant number of readers like Esme better than me.

There’s only 1 solution: Have Nikita eat Esme.

Although apparently Esme isn’t as mischievous as Thy’s cat, so maybe Esme’s ok.

Thy PolarLife: Morgue has taken a new approach to getting rid of the dogs. She is dumping all of their dry food into the water. Mushy food, no water, happy cat.


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